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How does protect your website against DDoS attacks?


10.04.2023 is a cloud-based DDoS protection service that provides real-time monitoring and mitigation of DDoS attacks. The service uses a combination of advanced technologies to protect websites against DDoS attacks, including:

1) Automatic detection and mitigation: uses automatic detection and mitigation systems to quickly identify and block DDoS attacks. The system uses advanced algorithms to analyze network traffic and identify patterns that are indicative of a DDoS attack.

2) Multi-layered defense: uses a multi-layered defense system that includes both network-level and application-level protections. This approach ensures that attacks are blocked at every level of the network, preventing them from reaching the target server.

3) Advanced filtering techniques: uses advanced filtering techniques to identify and block malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through. The system uses a combination of IP blocking, traffic shaping, and other techniques to ensure that only legitimate traffic is allowed through.

4) Global network of servers: operates a global network of servers that are strategically located in data centers around the world. This allows the service to distribute traffic across multiple locations, preventing any one location from being overwhelmed by an attack.

5) 24/7 monitoring and support: provides 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure that websites are protected at all times. The service's team of security experts monitors network traffic and proactively responds to any threats or attacks.

In summary, protects websites against DDoS attacks by using a combination of automatic detection and mitigation, multi-layered defense, advanced filtering techniques, a global network of servers, and 24/7 monitoring and support. These technologies work together to ensure that websites are protected against even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks, ensuring that they remain available to legitimate users at all times.