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Choosing the Right Website Protection Plan



When considering which website protection plan best suits your needs, it's essential to assess your specific requirements and priorities. Here's a guide to help you make the right choice:

Evaluate Your Needs: Start by understanding the scale and nature of your website. If you're running a small or personal website with a limited number of subdomains and moderate traffic, the Starter plan at 4.99 € per month could be sufficient. It includes essential features such as Advanced DDoS protection, free SSL certificates, a powerful cache, attack notifications, fast support, and a Discord protection bot. However, for larger websites or those handling more sensitive data, the Advanced plan at 9.99 € per month might be more suitable. It offers additional benefits like five subdomains, Always Online mode to keep your site accessible even during server outages, WAF, Sensor Mitigation, and Edge Rules to enhance security, along with Live Analytics for real-time performance insights.

Focus on Essential Protection Features: Pay attention to the key protection features offered in each plan. Both plans include Advanced DDoS protection, ensuring that your website is shielded from disruptive attacks. Additionally, the provision of free SSL certificates ensures that your visitors' data remains encrypted and secure. For websites with multiple sections or services, consider the number of subdomains each plan offers. The Starter plan accommodates three subdomains, while the Advanced plan extends to five. Moreover, the powerful cache feature improves website loading times and enhances user experience.

By evaluating your website's needs, focusing on essential protection features, and comparing the differences between the Starter and Advanced plans, you can confidently select the website protection plan that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Whether you opt for the comprehensive protection and enhanced features of the Advanced plan or the more straightforward protection of the Starter plan, ensuring your website's safety and performance will pave the way for a positive user experience and online success.