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Securing Your Discord Server



When considering the most suitable Discord protection plan for your needs, it is vital to carefully assess the features and protection level provided by each option. Please note that to access the services listed for free under the Basic/Master/Starter and Ultimate/Advanced plans, it is mandatory to own at least one active protection, either Minecraft or Website protection. This condition ensures that while benefiting from the Discord protection features at no additional cost, you maintain the security and continuity of your other protected assets.

Begin by evaluating your Discord server's requirements, taking into account the size of your community, potential threats, and the necessity for additional features. The Basic/Master/Starter plan, offered at 0 € per month with active Minecraft or Website protection, includes essential features like Alt detection, AntiVPN protection, Actions notifications, Fast support, GEO Country blocking, and Analytics render. For more comprehensive protection, consider the Ultimate/Advanced plan, also available at 0 € per month with active Minecraft or Website protection, which offers additional benefits like Custom redirect for added control and Live analytics to gain valuable insights into your server's performance.

Focus on the core protection features provided by both plans, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for your Discord community. The Alt detection and AntiVPN measure to safeguard against potential threats, while Actions notifications and Fast support provide timely assistance and information. With GEO Country blocking and Analytics render, you can manage access and gain valuable data on your server's performance. By assessing your Discord server's needs and concentrating on essential protection features, you can confidently choose the Discord protection plan that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Whether you opt for the Basic/Master/Starter plan for essential protection or select the Ultimate/Advanced plan for additional features, our robust Discord protection services will ensure the security and enhanced performance of your community server. Remember, owning an active Minecraft or Website protection allows you to enjoy these Discord protection services at no cost, reinforcing the comprehensive defense of your digital assets.